The Village of Bradner allows golf carts to be operated on the public roadways within the village limits.  Those who operate golf carts must operate them under the State of Ohio law (USV – under speed vehicles).

This page provides information on what the golf cart laws are, as well as what you need to do in order to be compliant to operate a golf cart in the Village of Bradner.

Click each of steps below to learn how to make your golf cart street legal.

  • Step 1: Golf Cart Inspection

    Before you can operate a golf cart in the Village of Bradner, you must get the golf cart inspected by an officer from the Bradner Police Department.  It is very easy to get your cart inspected.  Call ahead and let the on-duty officer know you will be coming by, by calling (419) 288-2222.

    Once you arrive, the officer will check your golf cart for the following regulations, per the Ohio Revised Code:

    • Registering owner of the golf cart must possess a valid driver license for any operation of a motor vehicle on public or private property ORC 4507.02 (A)(1)
    • Must show proof of insurance on said Golf Cart ORC 4509.101 (A)(1)
    • Must be equipped with rear tail lights one light is required ORC 4513.05
    • Must have license plate light and plate must be viewable from a distance of 50 feet ORC 4513.05
    • Must have at least one working brake light visible up to 500 feet ORC 4513.071
    • Must have two headlights ORC 4513.04
    • Must have a horn audible of not less than 200 feet ORC 4513.21
    • Must have rearview mirror ORC 4513.29
    • Must have windshield glass or safety glass ORC 4513.24
    • Must have directional signals ORC 4513.261
    • Must have two license plates ORC 4505.21

    Once your golf cart has passed every section listed above, the officer will sign off and give you a copy of the inspection sheet.  You are then ready to go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to obtain license plates for the golf cart.

  • Step 2: Go to Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Obtain License Plates

    Once your golf cart has been inspected and signed off by a Bradner Police officer, you can then go to any Bureau of Motor Vehicle location and obtain license plates for your golf cart.

    Visit for a list of items to bring to the Bureau of Motor Vehicle location.

    Per Ohio Revised Code law, you must have both a front and rear license plate for your golf cart when operating it on public roadways.

  • Step 3: You are ready to ride!

    Once you have obtained license plates for your golf cart and have placed them on your vehicle, you are ready to ride!

    A golf cart is treated the same as a normal motor vehicle (ex: automobile).  You must follow all Ohio traffic laws and all Village of Bradner traffic and parking ordinances.

    For more information, please contact the Bradner Police Department at (419) 288-2222.